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Twin Birch Farms purchased their first Haflinger in 1994 and have been an integral part of the breed ever since. Selecting quality domestic stock, importing unique genetics, and breeding for the best, Twin Birch Haflingers are strong competitors in today’s show ring. Correct conformation and impressive movement, an attentive nutritional program and daily handling, ensure the desired results. In preparation for their show career, foals from the farm’s AHR classified mares receive hands-on training beginning at birth. Haltering, leading, tying, clipping, hoof handling, and ground manners are taught to each of the “YES” foals born on the farm. At age-appropriate levels, the horses are trained to ride and drive over Twin Birch's 2,500 acres of fields, woods, valleys and streams. Ultimately, Twin Birch Haflingers become some of the best cross-trained competition horses available in the Haflinger breed.. Look for Twin Birch Farms at the Lorenzo Driving Competition, GMHA CDE, Haflinger Challenge Championship and other local, state, and national events.

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